Ride for NF

Between February 14, 2019 & February 14, 2020 Liz Sweet Hammond will bike 5,000 km to raise $5,000 for NF research. The response has been so overwhelming that the original goal of $5,000 has been exceeded with still a month to go so Liz has set a new goal of $6,000 by February 14th, 2020 for NF research. Thank you to everyone who has donated so generously!

Liz is familiar with NF having been surrounded by people affected with the disorder her entire life. Her family is her inspiration for this fundraising campaign.

"My grandfather was my first memory of someone living with NF, but he is not the only one affected in my family. Many of his siblings, my aunts, uncles, cousins and most recently, one of my favorite clients are all battling NF. At a recent cousin’s wedding it occurred to me that every person in the room was affected by NF!

I have witnessed the incredible journeys people with NF take following invasive surgeries and radiation treatments. The strength and resiliency of our family has been astounding. I have often felt helpless watching so many of my loved ones go from a full sensory life to coping with deafness, balance issues, neuropathies and the pain,along with living with the unknown of what comes next. As a young child it was confusing and frustrating not to be able to communicate effectively with my family.

I am going to make a difference by riding to raise awareness and funds for this disorder. Taking on this 5,000 km challenge is a small thing I can do to help my family and others living with NF. I want to offer hope and a more enriched life through research.

Research has the potential to develop innovative treatment options for those we love. Funds raised on the ride will go to support the Tumour Foundation’s micro-grant research program.

Please join my ride by giving a donation or starting your own fundraising campaign. Every kilometre I ride and every dollar you give matters and will give hope to those affected with NF."

You can follow along on Liz's journey on Facebook: Liz's 5,000 km Challenge.