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This past year has not been one like any other we have experienced.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us, but it has particularly been difficult for people affected by neurofibromatosis. Living with pain, without access to knowledgeable healthcare, and with an increase in isolation due to social distancing protocols, individuals with NF have faced an increase in challenges and fear about their health and future.

Through our one-to-one support calls, weekly community groups, online educational events and new medical care resources, the Tumour Foundation of BC has been a vital source of support for children and families living with this genetic tumour disorder. With a 38% increase in requests for support this year, our small team has made a difference to hundreds of families across the province. And we can't do our work without your financial support.

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We want to share a story with you about a little boy with a big tumour. Jaxon at eight years old knows a lot about pain--too much for someone his age.

He was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type one (NF1), a genetic disorder which causes tumours to grow on nerves throughout the body, when he was just two and a half years old.

At the age of five, a large tumour was discovered in Jaxon’s back. This tumour runs down through Jaxon’s pelvic bone, through the front of his legs, and the back of his thigh. The daily pain caused by the tumour is only managed with chemotherapy. Jaxon also lives with a tumour in his brain and scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, which is worsening as he grows. It has been hard for Jaxon’s family to come to terms with his diagnosis.

The Tumour Foundation’s mission is to support families through support, education and awareness.

The Tumour Foundation helped us by providing information about NF,” Jaxon’s dad Mike shared. “Our family frequently uses the Foundation’s website to keep up-to-date on information and research regarding NF. The Foundation also connected us to other families at their annual symposium. Knowing we are not alone has helped my wife and I.”

Despite his daily pain Jaxon continues to thrive. He is a mischievous little boy who enjoys school, Lego, and playing with his friends, just like every other kid. “This is a very scary time for us, but we are hoping for the best and always looking forward to the future, new treatments, and cure to end NF.”

Jaxon’s dad shares that although it breaks his heart to witness what people with NF deal with, he has to help in any way he can.

Mike wholeheartedly believes in the Foundation’s mission, so much so, that he joined the Board of Directors this year. Now it’s your turn to help.

Please join Mike in making a difference in the lives of all children and families living with neurofibromatosis with a financial contribution to the Tumour Foundation of BC. You can do this here.

NF is the easy way to say neurofibromatosis, but there's nothing easy about living with NF. NF is not a rare condition. It is the most common single disorder of the human genome. There are over 13,000 Canadians currently diagnosed and living with NF1 alone. Your donation helps us improve the lives of individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis.

Your generosity makes supporting families like Jaxon’s and Mike possible.

Thank you!

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