Family Fund Grants

Family Fund Grants

The Tumour Foundation is pleased to announce the new Family Fund program.

The goal of the Family Fund Grant is to provide individuals and families affected with neurofibromatosis with financial resources to access specialized care that otherwise would not be possible.

Funding Priorities:
Funds will be provided in part for:

  1. Specialized therapies (neuropsychological assessment, genetic testing, employment counseling)
  2. Adaptive equipment (wheelchair, back brace, hearing aids)
  3. Custom orthotics

The Tumour Foundation of BC helps individuals/families who meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a NF diagnosis
  2. B.C. resident for a minimum of three months with a valid Health Care Card.
  3. Qualified need (medical/developmental) as recognized by a designated professional.
  4. Financial circumstances that limit the ability to afford the necessary item or service. (The Tumour Foundation of BC considers requests from households with an annual income up to $40,000, as demonstrated by the submission of the completed application and a current Notice of Assessment.)

Please note the Tumour Foundation of BC’s ability to provide funding is limited by the resources available. The maximum possible contribution for an eligible purchase is up to 50% of the total cost. The balance of the cost must be afforded by the individual/family or alternative funding sources.

The Process:
Please review the criteria and the funding priorities before requesting an application. To request an application please email and include the therapy or equipment you are seeking funding for. If we are able to meet your needs we will send you an application to complete. The application process is confidential.