Established in 1984 by Paul Ralfs, the Tumour Foundation of BC is a charitable organization that has been supporting individuals affected with neurofibromatosis (NF), and their families since 1984.

We offer a variety of services to our community which include:

  • one-to-one support
  • NF Support Line
  • NF Clinic (coming soon)
  • annual conference
  • quality educational resources
  • the INSPIRE! magazine
  • educational scholarships
  • community awareness
  • supporting research to improve treatment options, and more.


The mission of the Tumour Foundation of BC is to empower those affected by neurofibromatosis.


The vision of the Tumour Foundation is to live in a world without neurofibromatosis.

Our Values

  1. We are caring, compassionate and committed to individuals and families with NF.
  2. We are accountable and responsible for achieving results and having an impact.
  3. We are accepting of all and include all who need service.
  4. We are hopeful and optimistic in our continual striving for excellence in pursuit of our vision.
  5. We are driven and directed by the needs and desires of our membership.