Board Members

Steve Billington, MA (Urban Planning)

Steve Billington, MA (Urban Planning) has worked as a consultant in communications and in a government advisory capacity for 16 years. He is currently involved in major construction project community liaison for the regional government. Steve has a son with Neurofibromatosis and is very supportive of BCNF moving toward the goal of establishing a clinic for people of all ages with NF diagnoses to turn to for guidance and ongoing medical support through all stages of life. Steve has many years of experience as a board member and board chair with not-for-profit endeavours, volunteering with various charitable organizations, and active support of fundraising and community activities in the Lower Mainland over the past 30 years. Steve has recently taken on the role of President for the Tumour Foundation of B.C.

Candace McGuire

Candace McGuire, (B.A. Cmns) has over 20 years of experience in public education communications, including event planning, community and stakeholder engagement, media relations, and strategic communications planning. Candace has volunteered with local charitable organizations and developed fundraising skills on assignment with the United Way. Candace has a wealth of experience navigating the health care system in support of her son, who has NF1.

John (Ioannis) M Stylianou

John (Ioannis) M Stylianou is a principle scientist in genetics at Xenon Pharmaceuticals located in Burnaby, BC. He has been researching the causes of human genetic diseases for more than 17 years, starting with his PhD research in Scotland, before moving to the US and now Canada. He has performed his research in university medical schools, non-profit research organizations, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. As he transitions to becoming a Canadian, he is keen to expand his volunteerism and to make a difference to people and their families that are affected by genetic conditions more directly rather than just through research.

Jill Taylor (M.Ed, PMP)

Jill Taylor manages research infrastructure projects in Victoria. Following her son’s diagnosis with NF, Jill became a member of the Tumour Foundation and has learned a great deal through the symposiums and other resources. She is passionate about improving the quality of care for those affected by NF, especially for those living outside the major centres of BC.

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Staff Members

Desirée Sher

Executive Director
Desirée brings extensive non-profit experience to her role as the Executive Director at the Tumor Foundation. Having worked at NF Canada, the BC Neurofibromatosis Foundation, and the Learning Disabilities Association, she has become a strong advocate for the children and adulates battling NF. Desirée loves inspiring others and works as a coach and mentor for new leaders in the charitable sector.

Delina Squire

Administrative Assistant
Delina has a strong background in administrative processes and has worked as an Executive Assistant in many positions. Delina is an expert at software programs, project management and bookkeeping. Delina enjoys her life in Victoria, BC and her family life outside of work.

Tara Sellers

Social Media Coordinator
Tara Sellers is the new Social Media Coordinator. Some of you may remember her by her maiden name Tara Turley-Dean. Tara was diagnosed with NF at the age of two and has been an active volunteer within the Foundation since she was seven. From that age till her late teens she was a part of various awareness/fundraising campaigns. She also lent her face and words to the milk carton and bus campaigns; gave numerous speeches at events, including symposiums and the much loved Jeans for Genes auction.. One year, at the auction she, and her friend, decided to do an NF rap. The words still linger from this popular rap song:: “NF’s genetic, you hear what I say. NF’s right in your DNA!.” Tara lives in Vancouver with with her husband Landon, and dog Enzo. You can reach Tara at