Welcome to the Tumour Foundation of BC!

We are so excited you’re here!

The Tumour Foundation of BC has operated for 33 years as the BC Neurofibromatosis Foundation. While we now have a new name and a new look, our commitment to supporting the children and families with neurofibromatosis remains the same- to empower individuals with NF.

Over the next few months you will witness a variety of changes as we launch our new look and new programs.

All of this is happening to ensure that our community has a sustainable resource in the years ahead.

The Tumour Foundation is here to support you and your family through patient education and support programs, as well as through the new NF clinic we are working on.

We hope you will join and continue to support us in our vision of a world without neurofibromatosis.

What is NF?

NF encompasses a set of distinct genetic disorders (NF1, NF2 and Schwannomatosis) that cause tumours to grow along nerves and can affect the development of non-nervous tissues such as bones and skin. NF causes tumours to grow anywhere on or in the body and can also cause additional complications such as disfigurement, bone deformities and learning disabilities.

NF is more common than cystic fibrosis, Duchenne's muscular dystrophy and Huntington’s disease combined.

Faces of NF Brochure