Welcome to the Tumour Foundation of BC!

What is the Tumour Foundation?

The Tumour Foundation of BC is a registered nonprofit charitable organization that has been supporting individuals and families affected with neurofibromatosis since 1984.

Through our support, education and research programs we strive to improve the lives the patients and families living with this genetic disorder.

We are now on a mission to raise funds to establish the first medical care clinic for those affected with this tumour disorder.

With no medical experts or specialized clinic in the province where families can go to receive care, parents are forced to become the experts in managing their child’s NF.

Can you imagine your doctor looking to you for answers and direction on how to treat your illness? That’s what families experience every day after receiving an NF diagnosis.

The Tumour Foundation of BC is on a mission to change this and optimize the health and well-being for all British Columbians affected by NF — but we need your help!

"I have 3-4 thousand tumours in and outside my body and horrific pain.”

“It makes me very self conscious that people notice my tumours. It also makes me fear the future knowing that most likely more tumours will grow and I won't be able to have them removed unless you have money. It's really not fair.”

“People stare. I can't get work, I’ve been asked to leave public places and the nurses in hospital wouldn't touch me because they thought they would catch my tumours.”

"Because of my NF I have become totally deaf in one ear and lost my facial nerves on the left side of my face, plus I’ve lost my vocal cords and now I can barely speak at all."