A Parent’s Guide to the Learning Disabilities Associated with Neurofibromatosis Type 1

Inside you will find information on:
Explaining NF1 to Teachers, Social Challenges Common to NF1, Attention Deficit Disorders and NF1, Psychological Implication of Learning Disabilities , plus much more.

This free downloadable book (available in English, Chinese, Punjabi and Portuguese is uniquely designed as a resource for parents of children with both NF1 and learning disabilities. Whether your child is just entering kindergarten, or is in their high school years, parents will find relevant material and strategies in this guide to help their student excel with their education. Teachers have also found the guide to be a useful tool to support their student with NF in the classroom.

Print copies of the parent guide are available in English. Please contact the office for up to date shipping rates.

Thank you to Pacific Blue Cross who provided the financial support for the translation of the Parent Guide.