You wanted a NF clinic, and the Tumour Foundation of BC is making it happen!

CLINIC UPDATE: A proposal for a NF clinic is being drafted and will be submitted in April to the site Executive at BC’s Children’s/Women’s Hospital. Stay tuned for an update later this spring!

Tumour Foundation of BC supporters like you have raised $95,000 towards a clinic in BC!

We are so close to our goal and invite you to make a contribution to be a part of this legacy. Help us launch the NF clinic in 2017 by making a donation today.

Every year, hundreds of families in crisis ask us, “Where is the NF clinic?”. We are done telling you there is no NF clinic caring for the children and adults battling neurofibromatosis – because together we are about to change that.

The Tumour Foundation of BC has strong physician support for the NF clinic. Last month, the Tumour Foundation of BC brought together some of the leaders in NF research and medical care to start work on developing the clinic model.

“The time is right. There are research and clinical trials and new therapies that are happening, and our patients in BC can’t access them because there is no clinic.”

Dr. Jan Friedman, Professor of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia

The Tumour Foundation of BC believes that with passion and perseverance – coupled with your financial support – we can make the dream of a clinic a reality in 2017.

Please say YES! to improved care for the children and adults affected with NF and make a donation today. Together, we can make a difference.