Shine a Light
Shine a Light


May is NF Awareness Month, a time for members of the NF community to harness their power, drive awareness, educate those around them, and raise money to support research that will lead to effective treatments for neurofibromatosis (NF).

About NF Awareness Month

The Tumor Foundation of BC of celebrates NF Awareness Month and World NF Awareness Day (May 17th) for lots of reasons: to put NF in the national (and international) limelight, to foster hope in the NF community, and to create wonderful fundraising opportunities for NF research supported by the Tumour Foundation.

For questions or more information about NF Awareness Month activities, contact our staff at

Change Your Profile Picture

Change your Facebook profile picture on social media to one that celebrates NF Awareness! A new downloadable profile frame will be coming soon, along with some badges to share on your social media pages as well. Stay tuned!