NEW! Physician Referral Network

We are creating a Physician Referral Network to support patients across the province living with neurofibromatosis. The Network will be an online space to find trusted and experienced doctors in the field of NF. We are excited to launch this new initiative and are hoping you will be a part of it!

The Physician Referral Network will be built through consultation with all of you - our current members, and their families.

We are asking for your recommendations of physicians that you have seen for the various medical issues related to the disorder. We know accessing care in the community for NF has its challenges. But we have also heard from many of you that there are health care specialists who have provided excellent care. These are the recommendations we want to gather and share with other patients and families. We invite you to provide your input via the link below which takes approx. 5-10 minutes to complete.

We know how worrisome it can be to find the right medical care and we hope this new initiate will support and alleviate some of the struggles that come with the NF diagnosis.

Please help us make the NF journey easier for families by sharing your positive experiences here.