Help make a difference in the lives of neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) patients and their families by participating in our email campaign

NF1 patients with inoperable symptomatic plexiform neurofibromas face a desperate lack of treatment options. We urge you to email your MLA and request immediate action to address the Koselugo (selumetinib) file currently sitting at the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA).

This critical medication has been approved by the Canadian Agency for Drug Technologies in Health (CADTH) for its efficacy and has received positive recommendations for pediatric use. By supporting this campaign, you can help secure timely access to Koselugo, providing hope and relief for NF1 patients across the country.

The approval of Koselugo sets a crucial precedent in the field of NF1 research and treatment. It opens the door to further exploration and development of novel drug therapies specifically targeted towards NF1 and its associated symptoms. By demonstrating that effective treatments can be developed for NF1, it encourages continued investment and innovation in the field, potentially leading to even more breakthroughs and improved outcomes for patients in the future.

By supporting the approval and access to the first drug for NF1 patients, we can contribute to a broader movement towards advancing NF research, expanding treatment options, and improving the lives of individuals and families impacted by this genetic condition.

Join us in raising our voice for improved treatments and a brighter future for those affected by NF1.