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The Tumor Foundation’s mission is to empower the lives of individuals with NF.  We do this through our education and patient support programs and the new clinic which is coming soon!

NF is the easy way to say neurofibromatosis, but there's nothing easy about living with NF. NF is not a rare condition. It is the most common single disorder of the human genome. There are over 13,000 Canadians currently diagnosed and living with NF1 alone. Your donation helps us improve the lives of individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis.

Your generosity makes our programs possible!

Donate to a Participant or Team

Support the efforts of our fundraisers by making a donation to a participant or the team. Our upcoming participation at the Scotia Bank Charity Challenge on June 24th, 2017 needs your support.

By making a recurring gift to the Tumour Foundation, you provide a steady stream of much-needed funds - on a monthly basis. A recurring gift allows you to express your support of our mission more fully than may otherwise be possible. You can set-up your monthly gift here.


Make a Tribute Gift

Giving a gift in tribute to friends, family members and loved ones helps you celebrate their accomplishments and keeps treasured memories alive. A tribute gift is a meaningful way to honor someone special while benefiting research supported by the Children's Tumor Foundation. To make a tribute gift, please contact our Executive Director at 1-800-385-2263 or


Matching Gifts

Double the impact of your donations! Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. To find out if your employer has a matching gift policy, contact your Human Resources department and request a matching gift form. Then return the form to us.